The role of AI in the Telecoms Industry - Part Three

The role of AI in the Telecoms Industry - Part Three

Jaskaran Singh, Senior VP for Big Data & Analytics at Mobileum 

In part-one of this three-part blog series on AI in telecoms, I wrote about the growing strains placed on operators in several areas, including 5G and IoT, and how AI is filling a critical need for a cost-effective, digital way of managing the entire telco ecosystem. In part two, I addressed how AI and machine learning are becoming the de facto way for operators to manage and guard against fraud. Now it’s time to bring the issue full circle, and examine the business case of fraud protections using AI, and how Mobileum can bridge the gap for operators that have rules-based systems in place.

Let’s acknowledge up front that it is incredibly difficult to manually mine the massive quantities of data running across an operators’ network each day. AI and machine learning offers a tested and proven alternative, helping make sense of all this data so that operators can seek out and shut down issues quicker than ever before. By moving away from a laborious, manual approach to analysing data, operators can make headway in the battle against increasingly sophisticated hackers. The endgame is that operators can eventually shift from being defensive and reactive in their fraud detection, to being proactive in its prevention.

But there’s also a strong business case to be made for preventing fraud using the latest AI advances, in areas such as efficiency, cost savings and reputation and risk management. For the most part, operators are already using AI in other areas of the company – for instance as customer care interfaces (i.e. chatbots), and in NFV automation. Applying its use to fraud prevention should be the next logical step for operators.

Mobileum has excelled in helping operators in this next step, moving from traditional rules-based systems to a more comprehensive multi-protocol solution that is nimble, fast and adds to an operator’s current system capabilities. We do this through a balance of our deep telecoms industry knowledge and the technical skills of our data scientists.

We’ve also been at this for a while, applying AI and machine learning to operator’s problems in areas such as roaming, security and now fraud prevention. We’ve been working with customers on these types of solutions for the last two years, establishing a proven track record of success.

Bringing it all together is our Active Intelligence platform, which combines big data and AI capabilities with a service delivery and test platform, so that clear action can be taken in the network based on any discovered insight, closing the loop automatically – for superior speed and cost-efficiency. 

In the future, as more ‘things’ are connected over networks, smarter, learning-based techniques will become even more of a necessity. Mobileum helps operators discover the fraud other systems can’t – at a very high speed. Right now, our AI-driven solutions are saving customers millions of euros, making it a smart and essential investment in fraud control.