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Articles on Fraud Management

Why ‘winging it’ with Wangiri won‘t work

Perhaps it is simply curiosity, or the fear of missing out on something, that provokes us to respond...

João Barbosa   |     4 February 2020

Fraudsters using ‘deepfakes’ definitely not faking!

Wikipedia describes ‘deepfakes’ as media that take a person in an existing image or video and replac...

Tony Poulos   |     30 January 2020

Four Ways to Reduce the Threat of Robocalls

While regulation and standards bodies are increasingly tightening the screws on scammers using roboc...

Thomas Steagall   |     11 December 2019

Why Identity Protection Must Be a Top 2020 Priority

According to the US FTC’s 2019 report on identity theft and fraud, while there was a slight dip in p...

Bernardo Galvão Lucas   |     3 December 2019

AI’s Role in Combating Next-Generation Fraud

Fraud is a pervasive problem for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). When CSPs worldwide collect...

Raul Azevedo   |     19 November 2019

Subscription Fraud: A Growing Global Threat

Subscription fraud creates over $7 Billion in losses every year for the communications industry, acc...

Jim Bolzenius   |     17 October 2019

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