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Why self-service app excellence is not optional

  In 2000, witnessing a senior citizen in Brazil talk about buying Skype credits to make interstate ...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     28 April 2023

The Telco Cloudification Journey

  Organizations around the world have been in the process of transforming their operations using dig...

Amit Jain   |     21 April 2023

Can Artificial Intelligence be leveraged to uncover illegal streaming vendors?

  The rise of illegal streaming services has a huge impact on many different industries, especially ...

Ricardo Gomes Faria   |     14 April 2023

How Private 5G Networks Are Reshaping Telecom

  The global private 5G network market is expected to explode to $36.08 billion and a 47 percent com...

Miguel Carames   |     22 February 2023

How To Identify and Address Potential Threats of 5G Network Slicing

  From its inception, the expectations for 5G have been tremendously ambitious, ranging from energy ...

Miguel Carames   |     17 February 2023

Why CSPs Need to Close the Loop on Risk Management

  Risk management has evolved since its inception, where risk was assessed and mitigated in silos. W...

Carlos Marques   |     8 February 2023

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