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Telco Data Monetization: Unleash the True Power of Your Data

In today's data-driven world, data monetization has become a crucial aspect for Communication Servic...

Petros Katimertzoglou   |     19 February 2024

The Post Office Scandal – what can Fraud, Revenue Assurance professionals learn from it?

My previous blogs on the Post Office introduced you to the most widespread miscarriage of justice in...

Stephen Ornadel   |     15 February 2024

Global Quality Network Connectivity for Connected Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) together with embeded SIM (eSIM) technology are revolutionizing the way...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     1 February 2024

How the lack of leadership and values created the Post Office IT Scandal

Last week, I published my first blog on the scandal of the UK’s Post Office IT Scandal. I described ...

Stephen Ornadel   |     26 January 2024

Seamless Roaming Experience During Large-Scale Events

In 2024, sports enthusiasts around the world can look forward to the electrifying action of two monu...

Ariel Vergara   |     19 January 2024

5 Main Trends That Will Shape the Telecom Landscape in 2024

In today's dynamic technology landscape, where generative AI is reshaping our daily interactions and...

Bernardo Lucas   |     17 January 2024

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