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Carlos Marques

Head of Product Marketing & Analyst Relations at WeDo Technologies

Posts By Carlos Marques

Migrating Russian Eagles Roaming Bill Raises Revenue Assurance Questions for IoT

As we are set to reach 20 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2020, we are nearin...

Carlos Marques   |     13 November 2019

Keeping Revenue Leakage and Security in Check in the Era of 5G and Network Slicing

Join us at the Risk Management for 5G: Revenue Assurance, Fraud and Security Webinar on November 13t...

Carlos Marques   |     5 November 2019

IoT and the Connected Home

This month we have featured a three-part blog series looking at the revenue and business assurance r...

Carlos Marques   |     25 June 2019

Real-time 5G Services Bring Higher Customer Expectations

In the first chapter of our three part-blog series that takes a deep dive into 5G use cases and the ...

Carlos Marques   |     18 June 2019

The Road to 5G and Driverless Cars

As a child, I remember watching Sci-Fi programs on TV - fascinated by galactic adventures and the ch...

Carlos Marques   |     12 June 2019

Will IoT flat rates kill Revenue Assurance?

It is not so unusual for us as revenue assurance software vendors to hear that billing and rating va...

Carlos Marques   |     12 February 2019

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