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Carlos Marques

Carlos Marques, VP of Product Management Fraud & Risk

Posts By Carlos Marques

Real-time 5G Services Bring Higher Customer Expectations

In the first chapter of our three part-blog series that takes a deep dive into 5G use cases and the ...

Carlos Marques   |     18 June 2019

The Road to 5G and Driverless Cars

As a child, I remember watching Sci-Fi programs on TV - fascinated by galactic adventures and the ch...

Carlos Marques   |     12 June 2019

Will IoT flat rates kill Revenue Assurance?

It is not so unusual for us as revenue assurance software vendors to hear that billing and rating va...

Carlos Marques   |     12 February 2019

Robotic Process Automation for Telecom Risk and Compliance

When it comes to the key capabilities of risk management software for revenue assurance and fraud ma...

Carlos Marques   |     5 February 2019

IoT Requires Integrated Risk Management

The IoT is composed of an array of devices, software and communications protocols, in a distributed ...

Carlos Marques   |     28 January 2019

You only get Fraud when you start looking for it

 One of the most shocking pieces of news I’ve heard this week comes from the Mexican courts, where R...

Carlos Marques   |     19 December 2018

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