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Carlos Marques

Head of Product Marketing & Analyst Relations at Mobileum

Posts By Carlos Marques

Monitoring Online Markets for Point of Sale Fraud Detection

Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence and machine learning are linked to black market s...

Carlos Marques   |     20 April 2018

Preparing for GDPR: Review your data integration

All you need to know about integrating data for your Risk Management Telecom review. Catch up on it ...

Carlos Marques   |     1 February 2018

No Egos when it comes to Identity and Access Management

When announcing the ‘John McAfee Privacy Phone’ in 2017, it was claimed that the phone would be untr...

Carlos Marques   |     30 January 2018

How to Empower Business Assurance with AI

During our “Empowering Business Assurance with Artificial Intelligence” catalyst, participants will ...

Carlos Marques   |     29 November 2017

eSim: The Impact from a Fraud Management Perspective

The new e-SIM is already seeing fast adoption in many markets, especially those related to the Inter...

Carlos Marques   |     21 November 2017

Using Social Media Information to Stop Subscription Fraud

The rise of big data along with new analytical techniques represent new opportunities to put data to...

Carlos Marques   |     7 November 2017

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