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Articles on Internet of Things (IoT)

Diverse Risk Management Needed in the Era of 5G and the IoT

As the telecom industry shifts to a more complex infrastructure to support 5G, the need to protect t...

Rui Paiva   |     30 July 2019

Managing Risk in 5G and IoT

Operators have spent years facing the dual challenges of spiraling data traffic volumes and intense ...

Raul Azevedo   |     7 May 2019

Will IoT flat rates kill Revenue Assurance?

It is not so unusual for us as revenue assurance software vendors to hear that billing and rating va...

Carlos Marques   |     12 February 2019

IoT Requires Integrated Risk Management

The IoT is composed of an array of devices, software and communications protocols, in a distributed ...

Carlos Marques   |     28 January 2019

2019 Outlook and Trends in the Gigabit Era

What are the upcoming trends for 2019? Read all about it here.

Bernardo Lucas   |     20 November 2018

Fight Against IoT Fraud and Identity Theft

What We Need to Do in the Fight Against IoT Fraud and Identity Theft Within two years it is expected...

Rui Paiva   |     13 July 2018

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