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As the telecom industry shifts to a more complex infrastructure to support 5G, the need to protect the billions of dollars invested is more critical than ever. 5G will accelerate innovation across many industries and provides the platform to enable emerging technology, such as IoT, to become an integral part of our lives. However, the growth of 5G, and the many connected devices and mobile applications associated with the IoT, also threaten to bring about uncharted territory in regard to telecom fraud and revenue leakage.

By nature, a complex system of connected devices opens an avalanche of new potential risks. In the IoT there will be a growing ecosystem of partners, platforms and services, leading to greater billing and rating validation complexity with data spread across the value-chain. Consider a scenario where a communication service provider (CSP) is providing connected car or connected home service, like what we discuss in the article, The Road to 5G and Driverless Cars: A Transformation Not Without Risks. In this example, the lack of integrated synchronization between the partner systems and the CSP creates the perfect storm for an increase in billing and invoice errors, lost revenues and reduced margins. In order to overcome these challenges, a comprehensive, end-to-end approach is critical for CSPs to assure all elements in the ecosystem related to connectivity, identity and devices are monitored in the most efficient way. This was one of the key findings in Technology Research Institute’s latest report, ‘Telecom Fraud and Business Assurance Solutions, Services and Strategies 2019, in which WeDo was recognized as one of the leading Fraud and Business Assurance providers.

In the report, WeDo was recognized for its continual investment in its RAID solution in order to address communications service providers’ evolving requirements for the IoT space.  WeDo recently announced the availability of RAID 8.1, which is designed to gain real-time information on all the variables across the IoT ecosystem, including monitoring real-time service usage, QoS and adherence to SLAs. In addition, new business modules and apps have been developed to help CSPs protect corporate revenue, guard brand reputation and drive exceptional business performance. To learn more on how WeDo Technologies is helping CSPs utilize their advanced technology investments to take IoT assurance programs to the next level, read our latest press release.

Managing Risk in 5G and IoT

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