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Press PLAY! The decisive seconds that make-or-break a video service

A booming market According to Market Reports Global, the worldwide Video Streaming (SVoD) market siz...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     9 May 2022

How Fraudsters Are Exploiting the Exponential Rise in Data Traffic

It feels like just a few years ago, we were discussing how to incentivize consumers and businesses t...

Pedro Fidalgo   |     31 March 2022

5G Edge Analytics: Unleash the Full Potential of IoT and Private Network Performance

5G networks have promised substantial performance and agility, which will upgrade existing services ...

Petros Ntousis   |     21 March 2022

Lab Testing, Get it right first time

As ideas and innovations evolve at a rampant pace, a tremendous amount of hype and expectation arise...

Steve Brooks   |     23 February 2022

Being Smart about the Smart City

For telcos, capturing the smart city opportunity means retreating to old basics, but in new ways. Th...

Mobileum   |     3 February 2022

Can your signaling firewall stand up to the threats of 2022?

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused shock waves across the globe, consumers and businesses, especially...

Richard Edmonds   |     26 January 2022

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