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Why 5G Standalone Raises the Stakes for End-to-End Testing

According to the latest outlook from the GSMA, momentum is building for 5G Standalone (SA) as CSPs l...

Vishal Gandhi   |     12 April 2024

Flash Call Authentication – Converting a Threat into an Opportunity

Flash calls represent a double-edged sword. While presenting an opportunity for a swift, economical,...

Amit Jain   |     5 April 2024

Lessons qualified professional staff should learn from the Post Office Scandal

Welcome back to my fourth blog on the scandal of the Post Office’s Horizon system and the devastatin...

Stephen Ornadel   |     27 March 2024

In the Spotlight: Telecom Professionals, the “Heroes” That Keep Us All Connected

This month, Mobileum launched a global campaign putting the spotlight on the professionals behind as...

Bernardo Lucas   |     22 March 2024

Are 5G's security improvements enough to protect our networks?

2024 is set to be the year when 5G will earn its stripes. According to Juniper Research, operators w...

Miguel Carames   |     15 March 2024

3 Ways to Stop the Rise of SMS Phishing (Smishing)

SMS phishing (Smishing) continues to be one of the top 10 security threats for the telecom industry....

Richard Edmonds   |     23 February 2024

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