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Richard Edmonds

Richard Edmonds, VP Business Development, Security BU

Posts By Richard Edmonds

3 Ways to Stop the Rise of SMS Phishing (Smishing)

SMS phishing (Smishing) continues to be one of the top 10 security threats for the telecom industry....

Richard Edmonds   |     23 February 2024

Why Operators Need Voice Firewalls as Flash Calling Authentication Adoption Increases

According to a recent report by Juniper Networks, the adoption of Flash Calling Authentication (FCA)...

Richard Edmonds   |     17 May 2022

Can your signaling firewall stand up to the threats of 2022?

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused shock waves across the globe, consumers and businesses, especially...

Richard Edmonds   |     26 January 2022

Three Reasons for Fighting SMS Fraud - Before it’s Too Late

Today, over 5 billion people globally send and receive text messages. That’s an astonishing 65% of t...

Richard Edmonds   |     20 January 2021

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