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We are eight weeks away from WeDo Technologies’ Worldwide User Group conference 2014 (as we all love acronyms, and some love twitter, #WWUG14 it is!). This year we are expecting an unprecedented percentage of first time attendees and so we thought it would be good to identify five things you need to know about our user group conference to better prepare you for the trip.

#1 It is truly GLOBAL!

In an event with 200 to 300 people, how many countries would you expect to be represented? Well in 2013, the conference had representatives from 45 different countries and five continents! Imagine the opportunity to engage with peers from 62 different operators across the world!

Open yourself to a cool cultural experience in a casual business context.

Learn with peers from companies’ very different market contexts!

#2 It’s all about SHARING great content!

Our user group is designed to be as useful as possible to you in your role so content is built around customers presenting their own account of their experiences. This year over 15 customer presentations will be made during the conference, from at least 12 different countries.

While our team will of course be on hand to answer your questions, presentations from the team are kept to a minimum – this is your stage!

#3 NETWORKING is a natural process

Whether you ‘re shy or an extrovert, it will be almost impossible not to leave the conference with a sizeable list of new revenue assurance and fraud management colleagues with whom you will want to keep in touch for the years to come. How?

1. The agenda creates natural moments for everyone to meet each other on top of the mentioned customer presentations.

2.The WeDo team attendees –  which never make up more than a third of the total number of attendees – will be making a lot of introductions so that you feel right at home.

3. (and most important?) The WWUG has a good number of customers that come year after year, developing a true ‘community feel’ that fosters networking and facilitates introductions.

Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

#4 The whole conference, especially the training sessions on day zero

To increase the return on investment of the conference, we do recommends you book your place early, and that you schedule your arrival for Tuesday night. This is particularly important for customers and guests that require a visa which can be a stressful process.

#5 This year’s location has been named EUROPE’S BEST DESTINATION 2014

Porto is the city where my family lives and the city that adopted me (I was born in Lisbon). It’s a small city in Portugal with just 300,000 people. Porto faces the sea and the river and also has great parks. The city also has almost 900 years of history so you’ll have plenty of places to visit, historic and modern.

If you love good food, you’ll be right at home in Porto. And if you’re a calorie counter, you might want to consider a quick diet before the trip so you can feel free to indulge and make the most of your time in the city!  


This will be the ninth edition of a meet up  which, we are really honored to say, has become a really cool, productive and international experience, thanks to our customers and other expert guests from the revenue assurance and fraud management community.

If you have any questions about the conference please contact me or any other person from WeDo Technologies. As always, we are at your service!

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