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Carlos Martins

Carlos Martins, RAID.Cloud Product Owner, SaaS Development Manager at WeDo Technologies

Posts By Carlos Martins

Mobileum partnering with Carnegie Mellon, INESC TEC and University of Coimbra to build the future of 5G risk management

Consortium was awarded a $2 Million investment grant from European Union to evolve Mobileum’s risk m...

Carlos Martins   |     24 September 2020

5 Steps for Assuring Edge Cloud Success

5G is all about connecting the world, and distributed edge clouds will become a big part in how this...

Carlos Martins   |     3 September 2019

5G as an Enabler for Digital Transformation

This year is heralded as the ‘Year of 5G’. With the first launches of the technology occurring in 20...

Carlos Martins   |     5 June 2019

Personalized User Experiences

People always ask me what are the best usability applications on the market, and the answer is alway...

Carlos Martins   |     27 February 2014

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