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George Woodworth

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How Prepaid and Subscription Fraud can Start a Web of Losses

When we think of telecom risk, we tend to think of external factors. The same is of course true for ...

George Woodworth   |     16 April 2019

Five major problems Roaming Managers need to think about in 2019

Roaming margins are a lot like mobile phones. 20 years ago they were fat and resilient. Now they’re ...

George Woodworth   |     2 April 2019

The 2019 Fraud Framework Checklist

It’s still quite early in the year but by now I’m sure you’ve already read more than you thought nec...

George Woodworth   |     19 March 2019

Fraudsters Are Using ML/AI Technology. Are You?

 Imagine you’re a telecom fraudster. Depending on your customer satisfaction levels, maybe some peop...

George Woodworth   |     20 February 2019

How to fight VoIP & SIP Fraud

VoIP is pretty ubiquitous these days: it’s low cost, has great bandwidth efficiency and is quite agi...

George Woodworth   |     7 November 2018

In praise of High Usage – and what to do about it!

CSPs want subscribers to be using their services as often as possible. But treating high usage as go...

George Woodworth   |     23 October 2018

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