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Luis Brás

Professional Services Senior Manager - Fraud SME at WeDo Technologies

Posts By Luis Brás

Fraud Survey - CSPs are Underestimating 5G risks

The TM Forum recently released the 2019 edition of the TM Forum Fraud Survey, which set up to assess...

Luis Brás   |     17 September 2019

It's Spoof Call Season

Watch Out for the Spoof Festive Holiday Call Season!

Luis Brás   |     21 December 2018

Beware of the Free Wi-Fi Hotspots | WeDo Blog

Wi-Fi hotspots in and surrounding tourist attractions are increasingly becoming targets for hackers,...

Luis Brás   |     2 October 2017

Bye-Bye Roaming but Beware for Unexpected Charges

June 15th 2017 – if you live in Europe and currently not under a rock, you will surely know by now t...

Luis Brás   |     28 August 2017

Fraud Alert: Exploring SS7 Signaling

  Most of us would be surprised to learn that telephone networks – both mobile and fixed - were neve...

Luis Brás   |     20 July 2016

Fraud Alert: Roaming Fraud Scheme

Mobile fraud is believed to be costing the wireless industry up to $58 billion annually. That is mor...

Luis Brás   |     7 July 2016

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