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It seems the world is moving faster. It is evolving, becoming more connected, and breaking boundaries at unprecedented rates. With the arrival of 5G and a wave of virtualization, communications service providers are right at the epicenter of this change.

In order to capture this opportunity, carriers must grow and protect their revenue streams, increase their operational efficiency, improve and monitor customer experience, and accelerate digitalization and business model innovation. During 2021, there are critical challenges and opportunities that Telecom operators need to address:


Roaming, Network Services and Security
  • Despite the disruption caused by COVID during 2020, roaming revenues are expected to recover and to increase year-on-year at a growth rate of 4.5%  
  • The rise of VoLTE Roaming will become a reality as we start witnessing more and more 2G/3G sunsets and as 5G rollouts accelerate
  • IoT roaming is gaining ground and CSPs can expect at least 20 – 30% of Roaming revenues from IoT roaming
  • eSIM-based devices will reach almost two billion units by 2025
  • Private networks are expected to grow by 37.8% (CAGR) between 2021 and 2027, elevating the need for operators to provide specific performance requirements, such as specialized service levels for latency, speed and experience


Fraud and Risk Management
  • Fraud attacks doubled in 2020 as COVID-19 led to an acceleration in digitalization
  • As COVID-19 breakout, phone scammers seized the opportunity, expanding the number of robocalls and smishing scams
  • 5G rollouts became increasingly more important with much of the world population working remotely. 5G rollouts were on track in 2020 and are expected to extend into 2021, thus requiring revenue assurance teams to develop specific risk controls for new technology and services


Testing and Monitoring
  • Deep transformations generate high customer expectations, and 5G performance is no exception. In order to protect investments since day one, 5G testing during prelaunch and launch phases become a critical enabler for monetization
  • IoT testing market is estimated to increase by 35.4% (CAGR) as more industries adopt IoT devices into their daily operations
  • The decommissioning of 2G and 3G networks require quick action. For operators deploying VoLTE, they need to verify the coverage and real-time network performance


Combined, you can see how important it is for CSPs to prioritize their efforts:

  • Optimize roaming revenues, while providing greater visibility into user experience and customer protection against signaling and SMS threats
  • Prevent, detect and block imminent fraud threats arising from traditional voice and data services, as well as new and evolving threats from new 5G and IoT services
  • Ensure end-to-end security and improved service assurance for domestic and international communications, including VoIP services, 5G and IoT


Mobileum is uniquely positioned to support this transformation journey. Our analytics-driven product portfolio empowers customers to connect intelligence with real-time actions and improve their business performance across roaming, network services, active testing and fraud and business assurance. We’re deeply passionate about the future of the communications industry. Through our strategic acquisitions of Evolved Intelligence, WeDo Technologies and SIGOS we are investing in our product portfolio, building unique centers of expertise, and are expanding our geographical footprint to address the growing needs of the telecom industry.


Every day, 900 carriers around the world, including nine of the world’s 10 largest telecom operators, rely on our solutions to translate data insights into real-time actions. Contact us today to see how we can help you create a more connected and protected digital society.


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