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We are excited to announce the acquisition of SIGOS, which marks another important milestone in Mobileum’s mission to become the world’s leading analytics-based software provider across the roaming, testing, fraud, and security domains.

The addition of SIGOS’ 5G and IoT testing and analytics portfolio, and its 30+ years of field expertise, will allow Mobileum to enhance its roaming, risk management, and security solutions and provide operators a more complete set of services as they rollout 5G and offer new and more complex IoT products.

For network operators, 5G and IoT services are going to be undoubtedly more complex to manage, while customers will simultaneously demand more from a Quality of Experience perspective. The addition of SIGOS’ testing and monitoring solutions to Mobileum’s portfolio gives network operators the analytics power and data-driven insights to deliver superior network quality, safeguard their networks and subscribers against security and fraud threats, protect their revenue streams, and enhance the customer experience.

Mobileum’s expanded portfolio will include network penetration testing capabilities, advanced roaming quality testing and monitoring, which will enable direct measurement from the network side. It will also complement Mobileum’s revenue assurance and fraud management solutions with test call generation features, which is critical for proactive billing validation and grey route detection. The SIGOS portfolio includes the largest roaming and interconnection test system in the cloud, covering almost every country in the world.

The acquisition of SIGOS follows recent acquisitions of WeDo Technologies and Evolved Intelligence that Mobileum has made since October 2018. The combined company now consists of 1,800 employees across more than 30 global locations, serving more than 750 telecom operators in 180 countries. To learn more about the announcement click here.

About Bobby Srinivasan

Bobby Srinivasan is the CEO of Mobileum. Mobileum is a leading provider of Telecom analytics for roaming, security and risk management and end-to-end domestic and roaming testing solutions. More than 750 operators rely on its Active Intelligence platform to increase roaming revenues, to improve network security, to minimize risk and to ensure active testing and monitoring.

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