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The VERTEX Conference 2018 brings the joining of 2 words: future and full. It can actually be quite contradictory.

We say and hear, time and time again about the importance of planning, which automatically relates to a future, and planning for that future. Then, we also listen to how important it is to live in the present, be presently mindful and be fully present. Fully. But enough dissecting.

We all know that most of our working time is focused on what we will be thriving to achieve tomorrow. How will future technology meet future businesses? How will we do it successfully? How will we live to plan our “What’s Next?”. What’s next with what is changing and evolving in the world, through science, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, education, but also, ethics, values and undoubtedly love. Uhhhh, what an unexpected word. Ok, so you’re not prepared for that, yet. Fine. Let’s call it caring.

You care about someone or something when you stop to think about it and want to engage with it.
We care about relationships, some more than others. Those relationships can be with our thoughts, ideas, a trip, a new language, a dream, a brand, a new newness.

FUTUREFULNESS – although not technically an Oxford dictionary word – it is perceived by some, as the aptitude to think about the future, by leaving nothing out. The pull of being prepared for an unparalleled future is a constant in our daily lives. We better be inspired by the unknown and adventurous with the discovery.

We no longer learn a new skill for life. We no longer manage to foresee that we will be involved in tasks, trials and tribulations in the same way in years, months, even days to come.

There is no better time than now to stop, reflect and embrace the constant change and adaption. How can we do this, I hear you ask? By sharing our human influence - we've always done it, but we can always do more and better out of it. Build, improve and share expansively should become our regular mind-set training. That alone will help prepare us to expect the unexpected.

With this, and because this new, fast moving sharing bite-sized-movement we live in permits, here is my final, instagram-able thought: Do anything, except sitting back. This is the way you reach future thinking.

If you are thinking about the impact of risks in your future business, get in contact with us.

(1)  Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels
ThIs article can also be read in SONAE's blogpost here:  https://www.sonae.pt/pt/media/blog/post/a-futurefulness-na-vertex-2018/


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