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With the recent technological enhancements in the telecom landscape, the CSPs are all tuned and ready to reap the wide-ranging business benefits of upcoming digital transformations. Operators investing heavily on their IT infrastructure as well as on their resources understand the benefits of this digitization, but the risk challenges are often left un-documented and mostly hidden in the mist of all these changes.

CSPs across the globe have initiated digital transformation activities in-order to digitize their services, automate their processes for increasing agility and efficiency, improve customer experience, and capitalize on their new digital assets. Still, most of these transformations are being carried out without any formal way of capturing and managing the associated risks. These transformational projects have minimal controls designed or developed for managing hidden risks associated to revenue losses or fraudulent activities, leading to both financial and technical challenges, paralyzing the entire investments and changes performed or undertaken by CSPs. With the new work-life changes (thanks to Covid pandemic) the risks associated with these transformational changes have increased manyfold, forcing CSPs to innovate on the fly.

A recent survey performed by Mckinsey virtually showcased that there is almost zero relationship between IT spending levels and the risk management maturity for digital transformations


This clearly shows that the new gen risk challenges cannot be solved by budget size alone. CSP’S now either have to implement new risk management solutions and establish accountability across organization or they have to look for matured and advanced risk management solution partners, who can effectively mitigate these hidden risk challenges, as well as act as consultants in identifying the gaps and establishing range of effective risk practices and tools that constantly evolve with the rapid changing digital-risk landscape.

Fortunately, CSPs will not have to start from scratch, they can leverage on Mobileum’s highly matured and multi-layered Risk Intelligence solution suite for reducing telecom risks, saving money and protecting brand integrity in their digital transformation process. Mobileum brings in the multi-layered Risk Intelligence Solution by integrating its highly matured continuous control monitoring and auditing solution with the world's most advanced (Voice, SMS, Video, 4G, 5G, IoT) proactive testing solution, enabling CSPs to effectively assure next gen digital networks and services as well as mitigate risk challenges. This combined multi-layered solution will offer pro-active testing, along with an in-depth analysis of live traffic across BSS/OSS and network domain for detection of risk issues with highest accuracy and coverage, assuring comprehensive risk protection across the CSPs digit transformation process by unearthing all next gen risk challenges.

next gen risk

If you are interested in learning more about how Mobileum can help in mitigating your digital transformational risk challenges, then contact us.

Integrated Risk Management to Assure the Digital Ecosystems

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