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Amit Jain

Amit Jain, Director of Product Marketing

Posts By Amit Jain

Flash Call Authentication – Converting a Threat into an Opportunity

Flash calls represent a double-edged sword. While presenting an opportunity for a swift, economical,...

Amit Jain   |     5 April 2024

The Telco Cloudification Journey

Organizations around the world have been in the process of transforming their operations using digit...

Amit Jain   |     21 April 2023

Take the Sting Out of Subscription Fraud

With the growth in digital services, the telecom market is becoming highly saturated with very high ...

Amit Jain   |     25 February 2021

Assuring Telco’s Digital Transformation by Unearthing Hidden Next Gen Risk Challenges

With the recent technological enhancements in the telecom landscape, the CSPs are all tuned and read...

Amit Jain   |     11 February 2021

Ask the Expert on Wangiri - An interview with CFCA

Ask the Experts is a feature in CFCA newsletter, The Communicator, where they ask three CFCA members...

Amit Jain   |     28 April 2020

Taking Action on COVID-19

Scammers – and scammy companies – are using illegal robocalls to profit from Coronavirus-related fea...

Amit Jain   |     2 April 2020

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