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Flash calls represent a double-edged sword. While presenting an opportunity for a swift, economical, and secure means of two-factor authentication, they also represent an inherent risk for mobile operators A2P SMS business. Despite their apparent simplicity and convenience as a multi-factor authentication system, flash calls can create grave damage to an important revenue stream if they go undetected. This fear is not small and a closer look at global statistics reveals the scale of the issue. As per Juniper research:

  • Operators can lose a staggering $1.3 billion to undetected flash calls cumulatively between 2023 and 2027
  • North America alone might account for >50% of global losses to undetected Flash Calls in 2027
  • An inability to detect flash calling traffic will lead to diminishing SMS business revenue for operators, as enterprises use flash calling over highly lucrative SMS channels monetized by operators
    • Approximately 5 billion flash calls were made in 2022 and by 2026, this is expected to grow to 130 billion flash calls

This data underscores the importance of addressing the considerable expansion in flash call traffic. It is critical for operators to implement measures to recognize and capitalize the growth in flash calls. Moreover, as users rely more on digital platforms for diverse tasks such as mobile or online banking, social networking, ensuring trust and security is of paramount importance. Users expect comprehensive security measures and seek to mitigate unnecessary risks. The verification and authentication of flash call traffic is an inevitable requirement, compelling operators to grab this opportunity.

As per Juniper Research, over 90% of flash calling traffic went undetected by network operators in 2023. However, this figure is expected to drop to 45% by 2026, driven by the increasing implementation of detection services offered by third-party firewall providers.

Through the implementation of suitable flash call authentication mechanisms, operators can ramp up security for their subscribers while simultaneously guaranteeing a new revenue stream. According to the latest findings from Juniper Research, the revenue generated from authentication-based SMS services represents a $39 billion opportunity, constituting 5% of the total operator billed revenue. This can be protected and further expanded by the implementation of a voice firewall capable of identifying and monetizing flash calls.

Mobileum’s flash call solution was recently conferred as one of the market leaders by Juniper Research as the Gold winner for Best Flash Call Authentication Solution. The solution was recognized for offering complete security, visibility, and network integrity, while protecting subscribers from various fraudulent activities associated with undetected flash calls. Key benefits that CSPs obtain using Mobileum’s Flash Calls solution include:

Proactive fraud prevention – The solution proactively detects flash calls, allowing telecom providers to swiftly respond and mitigate potential network threats and vulnerabilities, thereby averting more widespread damage.

Flash calls monetization – Poor network visibility makes it challenging for operators to invoice for missed calls originating from flash calling, as this traffic type remains undetectable. Mobileum's Flash call solution, on the other hand, possesses the capability to distinguish flash call traffic from regular traffic, enabling operators to monetize flash calls effectively.

New revenue streams – When compared to SMS, flash calls offer reduced costs, enhanced customer experience, and heightened security. With Mobileum's Flash call solution, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can view this as an opportunity to harness a new revenue stream instead of categorizing it as fraudulent and blocking it.

Enhanced Customer Trust – Mobileum’s Flash calls solution offers proactive flash call detection and prevention, ensuring that the customer feels secure in their CSPs services, increasing their trust and loyalty to their service providers.

Lower operational cost – Reduce operational cost through complete automation from detection to prevention.

Stronger network security – Flash calls function as the gateway for cyberattacks or network threats. Mobileum’s Flash call solution not only protects the network from unauthorized usage but also safeguards it against potential cyberattacks that could compromise the integrity of the entire network infrastructure.

Superior customer experience - The solution provides automatic mechanisms for detecting and blocking calls within the CSP's network. Detecting fraud ensures that customers do not experience service disruptions or inconvenience due to fraudulent activities, leading to an improved overall customer experience.

In the realm of risk and security management, handling known-known and known-unknown challenges is feasible, but addressing unknown-unknowns is daunting. Thus, telecom operators must adopt flash call authentication solutions. These tools can enable telecom operators to proactively authenticate flash calls, opening new revenue streams with security and customer experience in mind.

Contact us today to flag and authenticate undetected flash calls and safeguard your A2P business, all while ensuring an unparalleled customer experience.

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