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Carla Araujo Scholz

Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Testing & Service Assurance

Posts By Carla Araujo Scholz

Global Quality Network Connectivity for Connected Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) together with embeded SIM (eSIM) technology are revolutionizing the way...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     1 February 2024

The 5G Standalone revolution starts in the lab

Networks are currently undergoing a vast transformation, and with it comes new challenges and opport...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     7 July 2023

Why self-service app excellence is not optional

In 2000, witnessing a senior citizen in Brazil talk about buying Skype credits to make interstate an...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     28 April 2023

Develop, test, deploy, repeat!

Surprisingly, it is estimated that today only 39% of network problems are detected by operators, whi...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     18 January 2023

Entertainment 10 X Roaming 0 — An unthinkable scenario for VIP roamers attending the World Cup 2022

The world’s most prestigious football tournament in Qatar is set to be the most expensive FIFA World...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     9 September 2022

Emergency services down… Every second counts!

On November 11, 2021, both fire and police emergency numbers completely failed in major cities in Ge...

Carla Araujo Scholz   |     8 July 2022

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