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Stephen Ornadel

Vice President Business Development - Security Business Unit, Mobileum

Posts By Stephen Ornadel

Why a Signalling Firewall is the start and not the end to protecting your subscribers

Imagine you receive a letter from your bank informing you that attempts have been made to hack into ...

Stephen Ornadel   |     12 May 2020

Dealing with Spam, Smishing, Fraud and Hacking – a Roaming Manager’s side job?

When I first started my journey in in the world of roaming, back in 2002 at T-Mobile UK, my job real...

Stephen Ornadel   |     7 April 2020

Signaling Security Threats Cross Into the 5G Era

Today’s telecom networks are a complex mix of old and new technologies and protocols that create hid...

Stephen Ornadel   |     29 October 2019

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