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According to a Deloitte Connectivity and Mobile Trends 2021 survey, the average U.S. household has 25 connected devices – more than double the 11 that the average household had in 2019.

This creates a disparate landscape for CSPs to manage. Households (the typical subscribing unit of fixed services) and mobile subscribers belong to two distinct, hard-to-reconcile spheres of identification that inhibit single-customer views. As soon as the mobile subscriber enters their front door and leaves the mobile network for the fixed one, the subscriber vanishes from the converged view. This house-size blackspot leaves the CSP without any visibility to identify the best upselling, cross-selling, and acquisition opportunities at the household level.

At the heart of this challenge lies the inability to establish which individual mobile users are latching, over wi-fi routers, onto fixed home broadband connections. This happens because mobile devices send very little in the way of unique identifiers when running on wi-fi. In addition, user-agents cannot be used to identify or de-duplicate devices because two devices of the same models can have the same user-agent (e.g., two iPhone 13s will have the same user-agent), and MAC device addresses are not transmitted. Not knowing ‘who is who’ on each side of their services, multi-play CSPs find it challenging to develop basic cross-product intelligence and answer questions like:

  • Which are the households with the highest mobile acquisition potential?
  • Which households have the highest up-sell/cross-sell potential across both access technologies?
  • What is the detailed device model composition of each household?
  • How can I strategize my ground-level efforts to maximize whole-family acquisitions?
  • What’s trending in the number of IOT devices growing in households?

With mobile penetration rates exceeding 100% in many mature markets, customer acquisition costs are at record highs. Therefore, the ability to identify a target customer within a lucrative multi-play household can deliver huge dividends. Connecting the dots between mobile and fixed networks is now possible with Mobileum’s Home Analytics solution. Home Analytics provides CSPs with a consolidated view of subscribers across their fixed broadband and mobile networks by accurately identifying and counting unique devices connected to each household’s broadband connection, from mobile devices and laptops to IoT devices. This is far superior to other technologies, which fail because they consider such subscribers as separate individuals per network and then inadvertently double/triple count the number of subscribers. 

Home Analytics can locate every single device behind each household’s broadband connection and if the devices may be potentially using a competitor’s SIM or have an empty SIM.

Home Analytics

With this foundational technology, Home Analytics surfaces new insights that were not visible before at the household level and allows CSPs to identify and capture opportunities within households for new mobile acquisitions. As a result, sales and customer lifecycle managers are finally equipped with unprecedented visibility into the household level to identify the best upselling, cross-selling, and acquisition opportunities:

  • A consolidated view of a device as it moves between broadband and mobile networks;
  • The ability to identify clear targets for acquisition by differentiating between mobile devices using a CSP’s SIM and those without CSP’s SIM; and
  • The ability to generate a list of households for acquisition campaigns by categorizing households by the number of devices
  • A distinct ability to uniquely identify and target each device granularly for acquisition campaigns

Home Analytics is changing the game for capturing the end-to-end household opportunity. To learn more, download our brochure today.

Home Analytics

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