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“Telecom organizations are depending on terabytes of data that are being generated and stored in silos and scattered across the business ecosystemaccording to the Network Analytics Market – Growth, Trends, Covid-19 impact, and Forecasts (2022 - 2027) report.

Another factor that greatly affects the CSPs revenue streams is their campaignseffectiveness and, more specifically, time to market. Without the right tools, sending a targeted campaign can take over a month to complete. Yet, the messaging may no longer be relevant after all that time. It comes down to simply not interacting with subscribers fast enough or with the right message.

Telecom operators that want to be innovative and generate new revenue streams must have the right solution at the right place and right time so they can:

  • leverage the volume, variety, and velocity of subscriber data that sits across the entire organization
  • drive customer experience through personalization and up-to-date micro-segmentation
  • remain relevant and competitive by upselling and cross-selling in a smarter way

Subscribers are looking for a seamless, personalized experience across their digital channels. A data strategy that aligns with the objective to maximize customer experience is what telcos need to achieve - or risk being relegated to a supporting role of emerging OTT players.

Mobileum's Digital Leads Generator: Achieve a higher ROI with more efficient campaign management

Digital Leads Generator (DLG) is a solution embedded with Mobileum’s Deep Network Analytics’ deep packet inspection engine, enabling Campaign, Marketing, and Branding teams to:

  • quickly gain insights into their subscribers’ usage and behavioral profiles and generate qualified leads
  • match campaigns, products, and services to the right audience
  • assess the impact of a campaign through comparisons
  • drive data monetization

Without DLG, accelerating queries is difficult and time-consuming, and queries written in code are more fragile, requiring constant maintenance and testing. Also, if data volumes change, you may need time-consuming query rewrites. Most CSPs lack the time and expertise to perform this continuous maintenance, especially for subscriber databases larger than 100 million subscribers and 4000 attributes (such as application data volume and frequency of use, demographic data such as age, gender, or Billing data like ARPU or recharge information).

Instead, with DLG, providers can address the data’s scale and depth and respond in just 60 seconds instead of the typical multi-hour waiting times. DLG is a quick tool for marketing, campaign, and brand teams to understand, slice, and segment their base.

Empower your CX management strategy with Digital Leads Generator

DLG unlocks an abundance of highly impactful use cases, including the ability to:

  • create and size target segments based on multiple data points
  • download subscriber segments for further analysis and immediate campaign use
  • understand frequency and data consumption per month to optimize offerings to best match subscriber usage
  • track and compare trends to identify stable user behaviors and identify organic changes in digital footprints
  • understand population usage trend changes pre- and post-campaign execution
  • identify potential partners for joint promotions
  • segment subscriber databases to cross-sell, up-sell, or advertise partners’ products and services
  • understand the market appetite for similar offerings
  • evaluate the penetration of partners’ competitive offerings on the subscriber base

With the DLG solution, marketers gain significant flexibility to answer focused questions on specific subscriber insights while also uncovering trends and examining other possibilities with the data. It allows providers to explore their marketing strategy, innovate and experiment by leveraging subscriber insights until they optimise their target audience.

Also, by leveraging Mobileum’s premier Signatures library, which includes over 28,000 applications and components, DLG offers telcos unprecedented depth in their subscribers’ digital behaviors. With DLG, service providers can better understand their subscribers and help them feel more engaged through offers that match their actual needs. So, if you’re ready to monetize your data, increase external revenues and optimize your marketing ROI, contact us today.

Digital Leads Generator

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