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Superior customer service has always been a strategic objective for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and a means to differentiate themselves from competitors. However, rising subscriber expectations pose a significant challenge for CSPs to maintain customer service and efficient operations. In addition, the pandemic rendered CSPs silent heroes, ensuring business and education continuity across the world, but also further accelerated subscribers’ digital demands.

A recent survey of 20 carriers from 55 countries conducted by Mobileum found that 56% of telecom operators ranked the Customer Experience (CX) enhancement as their top priority for 2022. Understanding the Quality of Experience (QoE) at every moment throughout the customer journey can help CSPs provide the exceptional and personalized experience customers desire. However, when it comes to Customer Care teams, they don’t always have the tools required to provide sufficient insights that will increase the value of their interaction with the subscriber (nor be able to respond to each unique situation in a personalized manner). Agents are currently struggling with:

  • long Average Handling Time (AHT)
  • low First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • high volume of repeated calls
  • low value interaction

With an average of nearly 10% of total operating costs going to Customer Care, the weight of these challenges makes it unbearable for operators to handle increased costs. In addition, with two-thirds of subscribers switching providers due to poor service, operators must take action.

Using advanced network analytics, Customer Care teams can gain a deeper understanding of subscribers’ experience, by surfacing granular User Plane and Control Plane insights into their consumption and Quality of Service (QoS), and address any customer query timely and effectively. This way, operators can improve Customer Experience and increase loyalty.

Redefine Superior Subscriber Experience

Mobileum’s Subscriber Care was designed with Customer Care teams in mind. From supervisors and agents to technical support engineers, it covers CSPs’ customer care needs end-to-end.

Subscriber Care offers a complete view of each individual subscriber’s data usage and network experience. CSPs can provide the service subscribers desire by continuously monitoring multi-dimensional historical and real-time statistics - from data usage to quality of service and from tethered devices to geolocation history - and minimizing time-to-resolution of any service issue.

Serving as a single source of truth, it’s a one-stop shop that:

  • enables truly personalized customer service
  • improves bill dispute resolution, and
  • helps engineering teams pinpoint the root cause of any service degradation.

Mobileum’s Customer Care solution combines real-time with historical insights to offer complete visibility of subscriber’s network experience, including:

  • Quality of experience, service performance KPIs, and volume consumption
  • RAT, PDP Context, and Bearer Information
  • Data usage by application and application category
  • Local or roaming traffic analysis with qualitative and quantitative metrics per application
  • Primary and tethered devices' details and usage history
  • Timestamped geolocation history with most recent cell performance metrics
  • VoLTE Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and VoLTE-specific KPIs
  • Tracing of network events such as initial attach, hand-overs, and data transfers from all contributing network elements
  • Detailed transactional control plane records
  • Integrated client-provisioned data (e.g. package, billing information, segment)

Moreover, Mobileum offers the biggest signatures library in the market, classifying more than 28,000 applications and components and more than 30,000 device models and IoT sensors. Subscriber Care leverages this state-of-the-art technical capability offering CSPs a complete view of subscribers’ digital consumption.

Mobileum’s subscriber experience analytics enables operators to:

  • Increase first-call resolution rate via accelerated root cause analysis
  • Decrease average handling time and OPEX
  • Achieve higher subscriber satisfaction (one of the most important business KPIs of the customer care team) and retention rates
  • Increase brand loyalty and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

And all these can be done by maximizing privacy and subscriber data protection through multiple security mechanisms.

Do you have fast and direct access to the relevant information you need to provide the no-hassle, quick service subscribers are looking for? Gain an understanding of your subscribers’ experience and the services they consume through a single tool – and be fast, effective, and competitive.

Subscriber Care

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