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This_is_WeDo_Technologies_-_WeniqueWhile preparing for the 10th WeDo Technologies’ Worldwide User Group, I remembered Maria João Gomes (Head of People & Culture)’ blog entry on the intensity and uniqueness of the WeDo Technologies corporate culture and values.

In fact, this uniqueness comes also with such a rich and diverse group of costumers around the world.

Together with our customers, we have built an amazing User Group, a community of Telecom experts that get together to share experiences, and discuss challenges and solutions, all while having pleasure and fun!

To achieve this, the first two values come into play: Diversity and Companionship provide the ideas, creativity and collaborative empowerment that leverage the individual capabilities of both WeDo and our customers to do more and better, together.

But they also require an open and frank engagement with our customers to understand their issues and their challenges, identify the areas and features to improve, as well as, the key streams for research and development. Here, the message must be clear and transparent: engage with our customers so they can help us to help them!

This cannot be accomplished without a commitment that enables trust. Our customers entrusted us, relying on our products and our ability to support their work and help their organizations. So naturally, they challenge us, always demanding more, better – and cheaper!  

We need to honor that trust, working for the long run, thinking of the long term and committing to sustained product investment, with an ambitious yet solid roadmap – always, striving to do more with less, being frugal with our own and our customers’ resources.

So, three other critical values are Commitment, Transparency and Frugality. They give us the drive, the openness and the hands-on pragmatic approach that allow us to continually improve our products and their effectiveness for our customers.

A Product Strategy must certainly be described by the context of the market being addressed, the value the product is supposed to bring, the product key features to achieve a compelling value proposition and a corresponding strategic plan.

But in a world where all seems to revolve around “what and how much value”, it is refreshing to also examine the role that Values may have on our Product Strategy.

And this User Group showed so clearly the unique role of our customers in that!

Thank you.


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