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Miguel Carames

SVP - Head of Roaming, Network Services, Security Business Unit, Mobileum

Posts By Miguel Carames

Are 5G's security improvements enough to protect our networks?

2024 is set to be the year when 5G will earn its stripes. According to Juniper Research, operators w...

Miguel Carames   |     15 March 2024

How Private 5G Networks Are Reshaping Telecom

The global private 5G network market is expected to explode to $36.08 billion and a 47 percent compo...

Miguel Carames   |     22 February 2023

How To Identify and Address Potential Threats of 5G Network Slicing

From its inception, the expectations for 5G have been tremendously ambitious, ranging from energy ef...

Miguel Carames   |     17 February 2023

How CSPs without VoLTE Roaming can avoid 2G/3G Sunset Disruption

The world is close to reaching an inflection point as we transition from circuit switch calling to V...

Miguel Carames   |     14 November 2022

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