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Articles on Risk Management

Robotic Process Automation for Telecom Risk and Compliance

Software robots, or bots, are now powerful enough to perform many of the repetitive information-orie...

Thomas Steagall   |     10 April 2019

Robotic Process Automation for Telecom Risk and Compliance

When it comes to the key capabilities of risk management software for revenue assurance and fraud ma...

Carlos Marques   |     5 February 2019

2019, turning Threats into Opportunities

Welcome to 2019 and all the telecom threats we want to crush!

Rui Paiva   |     3 January 2019

Trying to Make Sense of Big Data with Enterprise Business Assurance

For decades IT departments have urged users to look at aggregates of the data for business analytics...

Luis Passos Carvalho   |     19 December 2018

5G and IoT dominate WUG Americas

All eyes and ears were on the future roll-out of 5G and its implications at this year’s WeDo User Gr...

Thomas Steagall   |     2 November 2018

The Futurefulness of the VERTEX

The VERTEX Conference 2018 brings the joining of 2 words: future and full. It can actually be quite ...

Rui Paiva   |     24 September 2018

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