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Articles on Revenue Assurance

Designing the Future of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Protection

Spearheading innovation for the future of revenue assurance and fraud protection.

Miguel Reis   |     29 November 2018

How can eSim revolutionize the consumer market?

…And what are (some) of the impacts from a risk management perspective?

Carlos Marques   |     17 October 2017

Is OTT Direct Carrier Billing the Next Big Assurance Challenge?

If I put ‘OTT’ into a headline the article will generally be read by three times as many people. Tha...

Eric Priezkalns   |     11 September 2017

Avoid Revenue Assurance Pitfalls of OTT Billing

With the focus on delivering a frictionless user experience for customers, direct carrier billing is...

Carlos Marques   |     14 August 2017

Who Left the Door Open? Expanding RA Departments

Almost every business today is going digital, and some don’t even know they are! They are being driv...

Bernardo Lucas   |     2 May 2017

Revenue Assurance at the Digital Crossroads


Rui Paiva   |     14 July 2016

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