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Articles on Revenue Assurance

Robotic Process Automation for Telecom Risk and Compliance

When it comes to the key capabilities of risk management software for revenue assurance and fraud ma...

Carlos Marques   |     5 February 2019

Designing the Future of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Protection

Spearheading innovation for the future of revenue assurance and fraud protection.

Miguel Reis   |     29 November 2018

How can eSim revolutionize the consumer market?

…And what are (some) of the impacts from a risk management perspective?

Carlos Marques   |     17 October 2017

Is OTT Direct Carrier Billing the Next Big Assurance Challenge?

If I put ‘OTT’ into a headline the article will generally be read by three times as many people. Tha...

Eric Priezkalns   |     11 September 2017

Avoid Revenue Assurance Pitfalls of OTT Billing

With the focus on delivering a frictionless user experience for customers, direct carrier billing is...

Carlos Marques   |     14 August 2017

Who Left the Door Open? Expanding RA Departments

Almost every business today is going digital, and some don’t even know they are! They are being driv...

Bernardo Lucas   |     2 May 2017

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